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Call for Mobilization in France for Systematic Screening for Prostate Cancer

Concerning deaths due to cancer­—in France prostate cancer is the third type of cancer leading to death: 8 100 deaths per year, the first type being lung cancer: 22 800 deaths and the second colorectal cancer: 9 200 deaths.

8 100 deaths per year due to prostate cancer is horrifying

1 death every hour!

Few actions are carried out for information and early detection of cancers specific to men. Europe and France plan to study the opportunity to extend the early detection of cancers to that of the prostate next year.

Our goal is to make this detection a reality. This can only happen by a massive mobilization of the medical and political world as well as global media and associations.

Prostate Cancer—has the European “Beating Cancer Plan” forgotten us?

The European plan to defeat cancer is validated in February of each year. That of 2021, amounting to 4 billion euros, is articulated around 4 axes and 10 initiatives. The second axis concerns the early screening of breast, cervical and colorectal cancers with the objective that 90% of the European population will be offered screening by 2025. But nothing has been proposed to beat prostate cancer!

On the occasion of the revision of the European Plan in 2022, it has been finally been planned to study the implementation of early screening for cancers of the prostate, lung and stomach.

In France, a new roadmap will be established for 2026-2030 with actions to develop new screenings for prostate cancer. However we must keep in mind that at the moment the focus is on lung cancer and only on the basis of a favorable benefit/risk balance.

It should be remembered that screening, in a healthy population of subjects who have cancer but do not yet show symptoms, makes it possible to considerably increase the chances of successful treatment. Detection is also based on educating patients about early diagnosis via “warning signs”.


What are the means of early detection of prostate cancer?

The PSA (prostate specific antigen) level will help diagnose biologically active cancers and therefore reduce the risk of mortality. PSA is easily measured with a blood test; it is an early diagnosis whose result must be interpreted by a urologist.

A report from the European Urological Association (EAU) indicates that 48% of European men are aware of the risks of prostate cancer and that around half of general practitioners promote the PSA test. Like the EAU our Association advocates a new strategy based on promoting PSA screening with treatment in specialised cancer centers.

We must advocate for collective early detection

« Following an increase in cases of prostate cancer in Europe,  now is the time to integrate an early detection programme, » says UAE Deputy Secretary Professor Hendrik Van Poppel.


We need the support of the French government to convince the commission that the early detection of prostate cancer  is a fundamental priority. Therefore it must be added to the list of cancers that feature as priorities in the program of the European Commission.

What is the cost of early detection of prostate cancer?

In Europe there are currently more than 2 million men living with prostate cancer, approximately 450,000 new cases per year, 50% of which are at a metastatic stage.

·       Treatment from an advanced stage is around 500,000€

·       Early stage treatment is around 5,000€

·       A MRI is around 300€

·       A PSA test costs less than 10€  and can even be free.




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