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United for Early Detection of Prostate Cancer



Did you know that -

A man dies every hour from cancer of the prostate!

Men cannot influence whether they develop prostate cancer, nor whether it will be low risk or aggressive.

But, with information they can make responsible decisions. A well-informed individual can take measures to detect cancer at an early stage before it becomes life-threatening.  

My husband was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer, age 52.

Gert was perfectly healthy and rarely fell ill.

His zen attitude and zest for life made him a magnet; he radiated pure positive energy.

Despite the battle we led against this disease, which proved fatal, there was no hope; the truth is I lost Gert because he did not get an early diagnosis. If cancer is not detected early it can be life-threatening.   This association is founded in memory of my beloved husband with the hope that what I learned from our tragedy will prove valuable in allowing other men to avoid this horrifying disease which can be prevented if detected at an early stage.  Please read on for more information about what PSA is and how to detect and prevent prostate cancer.

Prostate: Get Information to Protect Yourself

Why Should I get a Test?

Early Detection

Early Detection

Fact Sheet

Free guide: things every man should know about prostate cancer

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